Dershowitz: Federal Judge Correct to Rail Against Mueller Tactics


Oligarch Laughed at FBI’s Trump-Russia Collusion Theory


Federal judge accuses Mueller’s team of ‘lying,’ trying to target Trump: ‘C’mon man!


‘C’Mon Man’ — Judge in Manafort Case Accuses Mueller’s Team of ‘Lying’


Federal Judge Casts Doubt On Mueller’s Case Against Manafort


Judge in Manafort case says Mueller’s aim is to hurt Trump (video)


Judge challenges Mueller’s actions in Manafort case


U.S. judge questions special counsel’s powers in Manafort case


Judge: Mueller Charged Manafort to Get Dirt on Trump


Manafort lawyers: Mueller “has not produced any materials” showing Manafort contacts with Russians


Manafort Lawyers Claim Leaky Mueller Probe Has Provided No Evidence Of Contacts With Russian Officials


Collusion, Anyone?


Rod Rosenstein Needs To Get His Act Together Or HIT THE ROAD


WATCH: Newt Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on Mueller and the FBI


Dershowitz: Rosenstein Should Be Recused From Russia Probe


Newt Gingrich compares FBI raids of Trump associates to Stalin and the Gestapo


Fox’s Gregg Jarrett: Mueller “stuck up his middle finger at the justice system” by leading the special counsel


The Real Collusion Story


Analysis: Constitution Compels Sessions Dismiss Mueller From Non-Campaign Cases


Rosenstein Gave Mueller Secret Permission To Investigate Manafort


RUSSIAGATE & UKRAINE: How The Mueller Investigation Heightens The War Danger


Fitton: FISA Memo Is ‘Devastating Blow’ to Mueller’s Russia Investigation


Byron York: Paul Manafort has a point


Hannity: Evidence of Corruption and Bias Inside Mueller’s Team Keeps Piling Up


Does One of Mueller’s Prosecutors Have a Personal Animus Against Paul Manafort


Shocking memo reveals how Comey disgraced an honorable FBI


The FBI’s Political Meddling


Why doesn’t Hillary’s ‘dossier’ trick count as treason?

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